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Great rates. Resource Library. Excellent Support

Become a MyIT Tutor

Teacher and Pupil

What is MyIT?




Specialist subject learning at home or online for students of all ages. 

MyIT tutors quality assured by Train The Teacher, the teacher training company

Highly tailored content from our extensive digital data bank.

What's good about MyIT?

If you are a tutor specialized in any subject, with a high awareness of teaching methodology, we have positions available for you.

Working at home

What we offer Tutors

  • Highly competitive rates

  • Access to exceptional curated resources

  • Private academic posts

  • Fees based on your CV, with the potential to grow

  • Complete control on when you tutor

  • State-of-the-art scheduling app

  • Choice of f2f or online to suit your needs

  • Potential to teach with MyIT internationally

You are:

  • An excellent tutor in your subject area

  • Have more than three years of experience as a tutor/teacher

  • Have a teaching qualification at an international standard

  • An ambition to become a better tutor 

Teacher and Pupil

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