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My Intelligent Tutor and Train The Teacher are thrilled to announce the 2022 annual poetry recital competition.

Finals Judges

From the UK for English: Mr. Simon Gillow

From HK for Cantonese: Dr J. Kwan

From China for Mandarin: Dr Lu Ziwen

  • Memorise and recite 30 secs to 1 minute of a famous poem in English, Cantonese or Mandarin

  • Practice and record your video

  • Pay your entry fee of HK$210 and receive upload instructions

  • Receive your entry certificate by email


What you can win

First Prize in English HKD 5,000
First Prize in Cantonese HKD 5,000
First Prize in Mandarin HKD 5,000

All candidates who submit a video will receive a personal  entry certificate
Winners will be announced and contacted August 20th 2022

Student Hiding Behind the Notebook

How is it judged?

The top ten recitals in English, Cantonese and Mandarin will be judged by renowned academics and writers in the field of language

All poems will be
- between 30 seconds and 1 minute
- by a famous poet
- recited from memory alone

- not a simple rhyme poem

The criteria for judging all poems and the final ten are:

 - To what extent does the candidate demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the poem? 10 points
- To what extent does the candidate clearly engage the listener with the language in the poem? 20 points
- To what extent is the candidate's voice and articulation dramatically effective? 30 points
- To what extent is the candidate's body language dramatically appropriate? 10 points
- To what extent is the candidate’s pronunciation of international standard? 10 points
- To what extent does the candidate demonstrate memory of the poem? 20 points


Competition Judges

Simon Gillow

English Judge


Simon is a University of Cambridge teacher trainer with many years of experience in delivering accredited training schemes such as CELTA and DELTA.  He has worked with many well-respected organisations such as British Council, BBC and ELT publishers. Simon is an ELT consultant and curriculum developer. 

Simon is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars and has provided professional consultancy and training to publishers, schools, universities, and educational institutions in Asia and around the world.

In a career spanning more than 27 years, Simon has gained a broad range of professional experience in developing innovative learning experiences for children, teens and adults, which incorporate leading-edge technology.

MA TESOL Sheffield Hallam University, 2012

DELTA International House, Barcelona 2000

Dr Justin L Kwan

Cantonese Judge

Justin has been teaching since 1970

and completed his pre-school and primary education in the old-style Chinese private school (Sishu).

He is well-versed in Classical Chinese and traditional Chinese poetry and prose.

Justin has been an incumbent adjunct lecturer with HKUSPACE since 2016 and is a registered teacher with the Education Bureau, Hong Kong SAR Government.

His research interests are academic writing, research methodology, reading skills and pedagogical strategies.


He is involved in different community services as a director of the Hong Kong Confucian Society (established 1909) and a director of the Hong Kong Society for the Promotion of Chinese LiYi Limited (established 2005). 

PhD Macquarie University, 2016



Dr Lu Ziwen

Mandarin Judge


Kwesting has been teaching in primary, middle schools and universities for over 40 years, mainly teaching Chinese language and culture, English and Testing, in China and Canada.

Kwesting has published countless works across dozens of textbooks and monographs in and out of China, including Talk About China with Oxford University Press.

He has also lectured internationally including the USA and the UK, and is renowned for a robust and enthusiastic style in his deliveries.


PhD in Educational Philosophy

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