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10 Advantages of hiring an online private tutor for students in Hong Kong

Updated: Oct 24

Finding an exceptional private tutor in Hong Kong can be a difficult and time-consuming process, so why not get an online tutor! Although this article is about the benefits of online tutors there are also benefits to a face to face tutor – that’s why at My Intelligent Tutor we offer both!

1. No risk of COVID

This never used to be on our list of benefits but now it’s the number one benefit of an online tutor. Keeping our families safe is always the priority!

2. Expert international tutors

Hong Kong is a (relatively) small place and finding a great international tutor with experience tutoring subjects like sciences or maths can be hard. They are in short supply and can be very expensive. Online tutors however don’t need to be based in Hong Kong and so you can find a great international subject tutor more easily.

3. No travel or waiting

Depending on where you live finding an expert private tutor that has a great knowledge of their subject may not be easy, and it can be hard to get a tutor to travel across Hong Kong. Worse you may need to travel to a language centre. Central station MTR during rush hour? No thanks!

4. More flexible times

As online private tutors can tutor internationally they can offer more flexible times for tuition sessions. Having an online tutor is also much easier in an emergency as you can rebook classes quickly and easily without the worry that the tutor may already be on their way to your house.

5. Personalised tuition and content

Language schools are great, but like primary and secondary schools they have large class sizes and often a ‘one size fits all' approach to how they teach students and the classroom materials they use. A one-to-one private tutor however can specifically tailor a course to your child’s exact needs through doing a needs analysis and adapting the materials your child needs. This is something tutors at My Intelligent Tutor are great at. For example, a MyIT math tutor may notice that your child is struggling with grasping a particular math concept. They will then change the focus of the session to concentrate on helping your child grasp the concept.

6. A safe and private personalised online learning environment

Online tuition is also a much safer and more comfortable environment for children and teenagers. It can be stressful to walk into a classroom of kids they don’t know (and to be honest the same is true for a lot of adults too!)

7. Lower cost

Due to the short supply of subject tutors in Hong Kong tutors could be expensive. Additionally, the cost of travelling for either the tutor or you can add up over time. Moreover, the flexibility of online courses means that you don’t need to pay a large amount upfront for a longer course at a tutorial centre.

8. Interactive online classrooms

Online classrooms have become far more technically advanced in recent years and COVID-19 has accelerated development and innovation. They are far more than video conferencing tools you may have been used to at work. Many online classrooms allow for all kinds of multimedia content, interactive tools, games and many more. We find them fun and engaging to teach in!

9. No waiting

I hate sitting around waiting. This is especially the case with language schools where you have to wait for your child’s class to finish. Often with lots of other children running around if it's busy. Online tuition is great because you can go into another room and relax – in your own house!

10. No housework!

I confess that my house is a mess (I blame the cats). If someone is coming to my house I have to tidy up. Online tutors cant see the mess!

Find the best Online Tutors in Hong Kong with My Intelligent tutor:

Think an online tutor would be a great fit for you or your child? Check out our guide on how to find the best private tutor in Hong Kong in 2022 or visit MyIT to find the best tutors online or face-to-face today!

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