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How to help your student's fluency

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Fluency is using language with clear meaning, at reasonable speed, without the listener having to work hard to deal with errors in grammar or word choice. If you want to develop that, read on

While some students and parents are happy with exam focus, others looking into the future want to be comfortable communicating in an international environment.

How do we do that?

Take a look at the list here, and let us know if you want this kind of conversation practice to be part of your lessons. The tutor will guide the conversation and use advanced error correction techniques to help develop fluency in conversation - across a broad range of topics.

Topics for fluency practice

Art: A well-known artist

Buildings: An impressive building in your city

Education: Your favourite subject / teacher at school

Festivals: Your favourite festival

Food: Local and international /fast food / eating habits

Friends: Spending time with friends / qualities of a good friend

Future: Your future plans / our world

Habits: How do you usually spend a Sunday?

Health: What do you do to stay fit and healthy?

History: An important event / person in the history of the world

Homes: Your home and its surroundings

Language: Advantages / the best way to learn / challenges

Leisure: Your hobby / games played in Japan

Literature: An important / interesting book

Movies: Local and international / stars

Music: Different types of music / your favourite singer/song

People: Your grandparents / best friend / neighbour / admired

Scenery: The landscape in various parts of your city

Shopping: Shopping in your city

Sports: Which is the best?

Travelling: A trip to another city / Where would you like to go if …?

Weather: Preferred season / ideal weather / associated problems

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