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Comments MyIT Tutors + Students






Having worked with MyIT over the past five years has helped me to

gain and maintain a higher level of professionalism and success.

They have guided me in my tutoring work and my writing, helped to inspire and improve areas of my teaching, and they have always been on hand for advice.

MyIT put in a fair amount more effort than the competitors I’m aware of in terms of continuous research, sharing and using their findings to train tutors to do the best they can with their students.

Under MyIT, I have always felt confident, after attending seminars or meeting with Frank, that their material, suggestions and advice can actually be implemented to benefit students.

They command a high level of quality from those they employ without making life needlessly stressful,

and MyIT is one of the few companies I recommend to others.

Adam H.




Working with MyIT has provided me with an abundance of opportunities to learn from some of the best teachers. The team of educators is supportive and is always available to assist and guide tutors with a wide range of resources. MyIT allows flexibility between tutors and parents to customise lesson contents according to the child's needs and organise a suitable schedule for all parties. It has helped me to nurture a trusting and caring relationship that is beneficial to all individuals.

Crystal I.





MyIT is an institute with a team of dedicated educators and teachers who are enthusiastic about educational research and teaching methodologies, nurturing and engaging students in a stimulating learning environment. With a supportive and resourceful working environment, teachers can develop the potential to grow as well as enhancement of students’ learning.

Jennifer M.


         My time as a tutor with MyIT has been a fun, creative and rewarding experience. I feel warmly welcomed within a group of compassionate and passionate community of educators. Along with a great community of tutors, MyIT provides innovative support and offer insightful guidance to fine-tune teaching skills. With MyIT, not only have I had the opportunity to be an effective tutor, but also create long-lasting student-teacher connections.

Eric N.


  I have been a part of MyIT for a year now and it has been

a wonderful journey so far. The team that I work with is very informative,

helpful, and always very supportive. The work timings are flexible too. Every team member is committed and professional in their approach and always works

towards solving problems as a team. The institute provides us with a rich database of teaching materials that aid us in lesson planning and gives us a structure for the lesson. We follow a systematic update of the classes conducted on the scheduling app. Mr. Frank Doogan, the backbone of the institute, is very professional, approachable, and a person who is a bank of knowledge. 

Students are in for a treat with such qualified teachers

from different parts of the world. 

Hazel P.



I have had the pleasure of working with Train the Teacher

twice in my career. Initially as a teacher student in the TESOL programme

and thereafter a number of years later as an e-learning consultant during the development of their GESE online programme. Both experiences have made a positive impact on my life and career. The TTT team are extremely professional while still being supportive of their teacher students, fellow teachers and consultants. Frank in particular has inspired me to go beyond my expectations and push my personal boundaries to achieve more in my career. I would not be where I am

today in my career had it not been for Frank and TTT.

I am forever grateful to have had their support all these years.

Denise Q.




It’s been a joy to work with the MyIT team. They provide engaging, interactive lessons that provide quality repetition so children can master the language points. As a teacher, I received adequate support and prompt feedback.





Really appreciate your teaching during this period of time and I am happy to have lessons with you.

Monique W.




The culture of MyIT is very conducive to the growth and development of its employees. Management gives praise and constructive criticism, I have received a lot of positive feedback and recognition here, I’m so grateful to work with MyIT.😊

Anna K.




Working for MyIT has had many benefits for me. The training and support has allowed me to develop as a tutor and feel like I am part of a community of educators who are as equally dedicated to teaching as I am. I have had other benefits around the support and flexibility that they offer which allows me to work when it best suits me. This has allowed me to study alongside work and attend lectures which I otherwise would have missed.

Anthony D




I was so amazed to have Frank to help kick off my education career.

  The teaching course is so systemic, informative, and constructive.

The timing is just right! Frank is always very kind, patient, and helpful and truly cares about how we become professionals. His sense of humor always makes the techniques easy to understand. Specific examples help us to remember well.

This course inspired me to be more confident in my career!

Elmehdi M.


The tutor) helps me to see my strengths and weaknesses with a positive attitude which makes me feel more confident. I really appreciate your excellent teaching.

What impressed me most is that you can always come up with new ideas every day and the appropriate teaching strategies are always transmitted to us in a communicative and analytical way.

I am sure you are an expert in IELTS.

The teachers from MyIT did an amazing job in teaching our children Aiden and Jasmine.

Their patient guidance and knowledge helped our children progress tremendously in

primary school. Annie X.


Thanks for inspiring us today!



Thank you for your wonderful teaching for Mugen. T.H.


I found the course to be very well organised, thorough and totally comprehensive. I am not sure what my expectations were before beginning the course but I'm sure I never envisaged covering so much ground in such a short period of time… The tuition has been a very high standard.

Hannah got 15 shields for her exam!  She couldn't make it without your help!

I really appreciate it.  A.L.


Thank you for your fantastic teaching.

I think you are a very excellent teacher. 

We really appreciate your excellent teaching and humour.

Oh bless this little boy! I literally heard him say to his mum as I was going out the door he makes learning English fun! James H.

How magic and creative your ideas are!  I really appreciate your teaching and this training session is really of great value!

You give lessons in a lively and interesting way.  

Thank you for teaching us so well. I’ll remember it forever!

What you have taught us is really valuable.

Thank you for your excellent work.

I found the course to be very well organised, thorough and totally comprehensive. I am not sure what my expectations were before beginning the course but I'm sure I never envisaged covering so much ground in such a short period of time… The tuition has been a very high standard.

Comments from students
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